The success of a site commonly is determined by its content and on how and where you promote it. Rich content and an effective advertising campaign will often result in more site visitors, but there are several other factors which can really make a difference as well. Several examples are: how easy it is to navigate through the Internet site, whether you target different groups with the same content, what position you have in search engines, and many others. We have integrated several software instruments to our Hepsia Control Panel which can help you make your sites more popular among visitors with minimum efforts. The instruments are easy-to-work-with and offer a very intuitive interface, so you can take advantage of them even when you don't have prior experience and you're developing your very first Internet site.
Marketing Tools in Cloud Web Hosting
One of the most useful instruments which you will find in Hepsia is a sitemap generator which will make it easier to generate a detailed map of every Internet site in your cloud web hosting account. You will be able to choose the number of links to be contained in it and the type of files that will be indexed. Not only is using a sitemap convenient for your visitors, but it will also help search engines to index your website content better and to show all site updates. What's more, you can employ 2 other instruments that will enhance the user experience - a GeoIP tool that will allow you to reroute visitors to various landing pages in case that you have localised versions of your site for different regions of the world, and an RSS feed instrument which will make it easier to publish various updates. The aforementioned will be very handy when you offer products or have a news Internet site. Our user-friendly tools will help you increase the popularity of your sites easy and fast.